Missile commander clone

The first games I played were on the Atari 2600. I loved Defender but Missile Command was an all-around favorite in my family. So here's my work-in-progress version.

The missiles are kind of crazy. I over-engineered them on purpose in order to play with the physics. It is hard to tell but they actually start with a force push up as if they are ejected from the launch tubes. Then as they start to fall back down, their engines ignite and they are pushed toward their target. The target is the place you click. The direction to get them there is calculated then they're sent on their way.

Zombalien Ice-Age Apocalypse!

This is a game I made before starting college. It's written in Flash ActionScript 3. At the time, it was the easiest language I had tried for 2D games. I really loved using it at the time.

I wanted to make a complete game and I was successful at that. The "story" is that not only are the dead rising but there's a new iceage and an alien invasion all at the same time. One apocalypse just isn't enough.

The objective is simple: save as many people as possible by protecting them with your iceball cannon. If too many giant hail balls hit the bridge, it collapses and game over.

Virtual Reality Submarine prototype.

Someone suggested a Submarine VR game to me at one point and I loved the idea immediately. I dropped everything to build the simplest proof of concept I could. In a couple hours I had something working. This was the product of that effort. Unfortunately, the project has gotten corrupted since but I still have a simple build of it.

Amazingly, it works without a Vive, just use the mouse to grab the steering sticks. You can move the camera with WASD but you move right out of the Sub that way.

I liked the way the video cameras work. They're extra cameras and display on the panels. I'd love to play with this mechanic again with the sub and in other scenarios. Perhaps adding some linked turrets... Camera-Turret defense?

Twitter API in Unity.

A friend and I were discussing what she could do with her personal website. We kicked around the idea of displaying multiple twitter cards and having them rotate in and out. To prove to myself I could get twitter working I made this quick little toy.

If you enter a search term in the box, it will find the last 10 tweets on twitter about that topic and then create twitter like message cards which fall from the sky. Silly and pointless but a demonstration of using an API from Unity using C#.